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A series of adverts and posters used across Scotland and aimed at attracting more and more people to discover the Gaelic language in them. If you’ve read an advert you’re already one step closer to discovering your Gaelic side.

football ad meanings

An sluagh - Crowd
Neach-gleidhidh - Goalkeeper
Spot Peanais - Penalty Spot
Cluicheadair - Player
An Lìon - Net
WAG - Wives and girlfriends

paparazzi ad meanings

Taigh Mòr - Villa
Rionnag Pop - Star
Leabaidh-ghrèine - Sunbed
Deochan - Refreshments
Amar-snĂ mh - Pool
Paparazzi - Paparazzi

airport ad meanings

A' Ghrian - Sun
Port-adhair - Airport
Staidhre - Stairs
Plèana - Aircraft
Raon-laighe - Runway
Ping pong player - Ping pong player

Ferry ad meanings

Ròpa - Rope
Faoileag - Seagull
Acair - Anchor
BĂ ta - Boat
A' Mhuir - Sea
Hughie - To vomit